Hi my name is Carlos A Sanchez. I was born and raised in Southern California ( West Covina ). I took up a interest in design during my 2nd semester as a senior at South Hills High School. I was part of the schools first web/interactive design team. After graduating high school I knew Graphic Design / Web Design was something I would like to pursue as a profession, but it would take me a few years to accomplished that. Graphic Design at the time was not a popular major or even offered at most schools I had applied for.

Fast forward to 2007, I was now on my way to completing my B.A. degree in Graphic Design. Shortly after that I found out that I had a nitch for being a jack of all trades. Front End Web Development, Graphic Design and Motion Graphics were things I was going on a daily basis.

Graphic Design is something that I see more than a profession, It is something I take on as a hobby. Constantly absorbing everything around me for inspiration and ideas.